Pediatric ostheopathy for:

Pediatric ostheopathy

  • Babies

    Osteopathic care can help in cases of digestive and elimination problems, facial and head asymmetry, ear and respiratory problems, posture restrictions, developmental delay.

  • Children

    Osteopathic care can help in cases of physical trauma, stomach discomfort or related to constipation, growing pains, internally rotating feet or hips, issues related to recurring infections, head and back discomfort etc.

Perinatal ostheopathy for:

Perinatal ostheopathy

  • Pregnant Women

    Osteopathic care can help in preparation for childbirth by releasing abdominal, pelvic and coccyx tensions. Treatments can help in cases of discomfort associated with pregnancy such as headache, back pain, digestive problems etc.

  • Women in Post-birth

    Osteopathic care can help the body regain its shape after childbirth. It can also help in cases of discomfort related to postpartum depression, epidural side effects, scars and breast feeding etc.

Family ostheopathy for:

Family ostheopathy

  • Teens

    Osteopathic care can help with problems related to the curves of the spine, alinement problems or lower limb inequality, joint and muscle discomfort, orthodontic treatments, etc.

  • Women

    Osteopathic care can help in cases of vaginal or uterine discomfort, issues related to urinary incontinence or recurring infections, uncomfortable menstruations and problems related to fertility etc.